Man hand touching a black puppy

Seven Puppy Training Tips to Excel and Become Master Trainer

It’s essential to start your training immediately when you bring your dog home. But the main question arises how to train a puppy? What will be the best way to train your dog or puppy? Many options can help you to introduce yourself and your new dog. Like humans, puppies are always eager to learn something new. Therefore, proper training is mandatory with full attention.

Your pup needs plenty of activity to become an obedient pup, so you should have to give appropriate training to your puppy. Firstly, for his training, you should have the proper knowledge to handle a new pup and the patience to provide a proper trainer for your dog.

With the help of some essential training tips, you and your puppy can become masters of your own. Some training tips below can help you become a master trainer for your puppy and become a good friend for your pup.

Keep Attention

Attention is the central part of becoming a master trainer. You can quickly train your dog, but the condition is that you should have his full attention without any distraction. To begin your training, make sure that your training place is less distracting. Firstly, please start with the puppy’s name and clap your hands to make him understand. When your pup looks toward you, this will help him to realize that you are calling him by his name.

Speak Properly

Your way of speaking can help you make a master trainer for your puppy. The basic rule of training is to make your voice confident and friendly. If you start getting frustrated with your puppy, it will become difficult for you to handle the new puppy and create a barrier to becoming a good trainer. Being impatient will become harder for you and your puppy to understand and learn something new.

Be a leader

You should not shout and start to frustrate your puppy. You can become a good teacher with positive techniques to win their loyalty. It would be best if you ignored your pup’s mistakes during training time and also should praise his correct moves.

Repetition can make him a trained puppy, which will help you become a master trainer for your puppy. With the help of association and replay of your actions, you can make your puppy a good trainer.

Brief lessons

Brief lessons will help you to train your puppy. As the puppies learn better in small segments, the mini training timing will be better for you to train your puppy after a busy schedule. After a long busy day, short training timing will be the best option to make you a good trainer without any difficulty. Their training should be in segments of 10 to 15 minutes, which can be helpful for you and your puppy to become good trainers.

Say No to biting

You should train your puppy in such a way that can help you to face minimum problems in the coming time. When your pup starts biting, you should stop him and pretend to him that you are feeling a lot of pain.

Most dogs understand your loud voice of pain, and they stop biting immediately. Try to give him some toys that are easy to chew. These chew toys can help your puppy to find something new. If this is not worth it, you should stop him from doing all this.


Consistency is the most crucial factor in helping you and your puppy become good trainers. Your verbal and physical clues should always be identical in every training session. If you are changing your hints or commands, it will confuse your puppy to understand your orders.

If you use the word stop in one session and don’t move in another session, your puppy will not understand, creating confusion, so consistency is the most crucial factor in making you both understand. 

Stick to Tiny Things

The training session can be a good experience for you and your puppy. Your puppy will stick to little treats at this time, but you should be attentive to stop swallowing something. It will create a big problem for you if your puppy consumes enormous pleasure. It will give distractions to your training sessions.

You should help your dog to relax. Comfort is more important for your pup. So, it is necessary for you to feel comfortable with yourself at your home. You should train your dog to come when you call him. Do some exciting tasks to make them understand your way of teaching. You can also consider electric dog fence wire home depot to keep your dog out of your garden or yard.

Don’t encourage their jumping behavior and teach them to avoid bad habits. Your puppy has to work hard to become a good trainer like you, so you should praise him and give him some treats like playing some games, etc.

It will be helpful for you, and your pup will be happy at the time of the next training session. So, try to give the best training to your puppy to become a master trainer. It will help to build a good relationship between both of you.

Photo by Ryu Orn on Unsplash.